8 Awesome Ways to Use Kudoboard in Your Workplace | Kudoboard Blog (2023)

When working in a company, whether remote or on location, you tend to spend a lot of time alongside your coworkers. When a special event comes along in their life, a card just doesn’t seem like enough. It is time to make your co-worker a Kudoboard!

What is a Kudoboard?

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A Kudoboard is the best way to gather a group of people and give them one place to show appreciation. A group of coworkers can have a central location to upload photos, videos, and messages for the person you want to show appreciation for. Instead of passing a paper card around the office, create an online group card with Kudoboard! Some perfect occasions for a Kudoboard are:

  • Welcome to the Team
  • Birthdays
  • Work anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Thank You
  • Birth of a child
  • Retirement

Welcome to the Team

The first day of a new job can be intimidating and sometimes overwhelming. Try welcoming your new coworker with a Kudoboard! What better way to help them feel included and excited to be there than with kind messages welcoming them? It is an excellent way for each of your team members to introduce themselves and help their new co-workers feel included.

First impressions mean a lot, and receiving a Kudoboard on your first day will set your new career off in the right direction. Whether your team is working on-site or remotely, a Kudoboard is a great way to welcome them on their first day!


Instead of passing a card around the office this year, make each coworker a Kudoboard. No more wandering around the office trying to see who hasn’t signed that card; they can just log in and put a message on the board! If you have some fun pictures or videos to share of your team member, you can upload them to their Kudoboard so everyone can see them.

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If your team is working remotely, then a Kudoboard is the best way to celebrate a birthday. Remote work can sometimes feel isolating, especially on your birthday. However, a birthday Kudoboard will make your team member feel special and loved on their special day. If you want to make their Kudoboard even better, you can reach out to their friends and family and see if there are any fun pictures you can share from when they were younger. Not only will the birthday boy or girl love this, but all of your coworkers will enjoy seeing those pictures as well.

Work Anniversary

When the anniversary of your first day at a company comes around each year, it may often go unnoticed. With the Great Resignation in employment in the past several years, work anniversaries need to be celebrated. If you are looking for an excellent retention technique in your business, try celebrating work anniversaries with a Kudoboard.

Give your team the space to thank their coworker for the fantastic work that they do and help them feel recognized. Positive words of affirmation will go a long way when you have spent so much time working for a company. We need to be reminded of our worth and be thanked for the energy and work that has been put into a business. Your employees will feel grateful to work for a company that takes the time to show appreciation when they receive their work anniversary card.


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Celebrate your coworker’s upcoming nuptials with an online wedding card from a group. Weddings are such a big and memorable event. Giving each employee a place to offer congratulations and well wishes will be a well-received gift for the bride or groom. If you have any pictures of the couple, you can upload those to the board with your greeting. A Kudoboard for a wedding is an excellent way for remote coworkers to help celebrate without being present.

Sympathy Board

Losing a loved one is a challenging experience. If your coworker has recently lost a friend or family member and your office wants to offer condolences, then put together an online sympathy card for them. The great thing about creating a Kudoboard is that your team member can visit it when they are ready to read all of the messages. It will be a great thing to look back on and feel the support and love from those around them.

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Reading stories and memories can help your team member as they navigate the grieving process. Making a sympathy board is also a great place to post any memories that you may have of your coworker’s friend or loved one. If you have had the opportunity to meet them, you can share that experience.

Workplace Appreciation

There doesn’t need to be a birthday or a holiday to show your appreciation to a member of your work team. Say thank you to your employees this year with a Kudoboard. Take the time to celebrate a different employee each month and let others praise them for their work and the friendships that have been built in the office. Giving your employees regular feedback is another great retention tool in the workplace. When you work hard and feel appreciated for your work, you are more likely to continue at a job. Loving where you work is so vital!

A Kudoboard is also a great place to have executive members shout out their team for hitting a deadline or for their amazing work on a large project. Showing your appreciation with more than just a “thank you” will mean so much to your employees.

Birth of a Child

One of the greatest moments in any person’s life is the birth of their child. If your coworker has just had a baby, celebrate them and their new child with a new baby group card. When your team member is out on parental leave, it will be such a great gift for them to go through the messages on their board.

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You can even have some fun with this and ask each of your employees to find a picture of themselves to upload onto the Kudoboard along with their message. Your team will get a kick out of seeing each other’s baby pictures.

Retirement or Farewell

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There is no better way to send off an employee than with kind words wishing them well, video clips from time spent together, and pictures spanning the length of their career. Retirement is such a big step in any person’s life, and getting the opportunity to look back on stories that coworkers have will be such a great keepsake. Making a retirement Kudoboard will be something that your friend and coworker will cherish.

Saying farewell to a coworker who is leaving for a new company or adventure in life can also be a bittersweet time. You are excited for their future but sad to see them go. Giving them well wishes and congrats on the next step is a great way to send them off. Let them know that they are loved no matter where they choose to go next.

Print Out a Kudoboard

8 Awesome Ways to Use Kudoboard in Your Workplace | Kudoboard Blog (7)

A fantastic feature of Kudoboard is that you can print it and make it into a book! Consider printing out the Kudoboard you made for your coworker and giving it to them as a gift. If there are some great images and messages on the board, they will love to keep that book in their home and look at it from time to time.

At any time, you can also download a copy of the Kudoboard. You will be able to save your digital copy to your computer so that you can always have access to it.

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Make a Kudoboard Today

Contact Kudoboard today and find out how to start celebrating the employees in your workplace. Whether it is a special occasion or just to say thank you, your team members will appreciate that you went out of your way to create something special for them.

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What can you do with Kudoboard? ›

Kudoboard is the perfect way to celebrate graduations, show teacher appreciation, sign digital yearbooks, or commemorate a class reunion.

What is the difference between Kudoboard and group greeting? ›

A physical group card often has space for each contributor to sign and add 1-2 sentences at most. Kudoboard gives you and your contributors unlimited space to add photos, videos, and posts; as a result, Kudoboards tend to be much more heartfelt than traditional group greeting cards.

What do you write on a Kudos board? ›

We recommend adding:
  1. A heartfelt message. Yes, more than just “Happy Birthday!” or “Congratulations! Love, Bob.” Try referencing a great memory, inside joke, or citing a specific thing you love or appreciate about the person.
  2. A photo of the recipient.
  3. 1-2 GIFs.
Jun 9, 2022

How do I contribute to Kudoboard? ›

There are a few ways to invite contributors to post on your Kudoboard: sending the contributors a direct link or QR code to the Kudoboard, sharing the board via social media, sending the board via email by way of kudoboard.com, and sending the board via Slack or Teams by way of kudoboard.com (only on business boards).

Is Kudoboard any good? ›

Great way to send a virtual high five!

With Kudoboard, it has been a very fun and creative experience to recognize someone, send birthday/anniversary greetings, or even farewell messages. I love how easy it is to use and how you can personalize your message to keep the connection real even when it's just virtual.

How many posts are there in Kudoboard? ›

Up to 10 posts can be created at once by adding multiple images: 1. While viewing the board, click + Add to Board.

How long does a Kudoboard last? ›

All boards remain accessible indefinitely. The creator or recipient can choose to delete them at any point, of course.

How do you say thank you in Kudoboard? ›

To send your thank you message:
  1. In your board delivery email, click the link provided for you in the email titled "Thank your Kudoboard Contributors"
  2. On the page that opens, write your thank you message(s). ...
  3. Click Send email now to send your thank you message to contributors.
Nov 21, 2020

How do you respond to thank you in Kudoboard? ›

I have 23 fantastic ideas for you to say thank you.
I've got quite the collection for you, 15 in fact!
  1. I appreciate you.
  2. That was so kind.
  3. Thanks a bunch!
  4. You are wonderful.
  5. I owe you one.
  6. You are so thoughtful.
  7. I am so grateful.
  8. You have my utmost gratitude.
Jun 17, 2021

How do you say kudos to a team? ›

How to show appreciation to your team members
  1. Choose an occasion. The occasion is a moment that prompted you to express appreciation to your team. ...
  2. Address the team by their name. ...
  3. Thank the team for their work. ...
  4. Discuss the effects of their contributions. ...
  5. Reinforce your appreciation.
Jul 7, 2021

Why is it important to give kudos? ›

In this case, giving kudos can have a massive impact on that employee's motivation because they'll feel more appreciated and noticed by the very individual they're trying to impress. On top of that, recognition within a team or organization is great for increasing overall morale and productivity among the group.

What is the purpose of kudos? ›

For those who are not familiar with Kudos, it is usually used to express appreciation or praise. In a workplace, it is often used as a synonym for congratulations in response to a job well done.

How much does it cost to create a Kudoboard? ›

Self-serve: There are several self-serve single board options for Kudoboard that can be created directly at https://www.kudoboard.com/boards/create: Mini Board, up to 10 posts, (free) Premium Board, up to 100 posts, video uploads, ($5.99 USD) Milestone Board, unlimited posts + slideshow ($19.99 USD)

Is there a charge for a Kudoboard? ›

Kudoboard offers a free Mini Board plan that supports up to 10 board posts. The Premium Board plan costs $5.99 per board and includes up to 100 board posts and video posts. The Milestone Board plan costs $19.99 per board and includes unlimited board posts and personalized backgrounds.

How do you start a Kudoboard? ›

Creating a Kudoboard is simple. You add your recipient's name, a title for the board, and you're ready to get started. You can select from a variety of backgrounds. Once you find one you like, it's time to add your content.

Can you turn Kudoboard into a book? ›

Many people would like to return regularly to those encouraging messages, or even to display them proudly in their home or office. Kudoboards can now be printed as high-quality hardcover books through our partner, Blurb.

How much does it cost to print a Kudoboard? ›

Kudoboard printing costs $20 + $4 / square foot. Shipping is $9.99. Most prints, including shipping, come out between $40-$80 USD. More generally, you can expect a board with 30-50 posts to cost ~$50, depending on the amount of media present and the length of messages received.

Do I need an account to post on Kudoboard? ›

No, users do not need to sign in / register to post to a Kudoboard. If you'd prefer not to create an account and stay anonymous you're welcome to choose "Skip Email" and add as a guest.

Is there a 10 limit on Kudoboard? ›

You can create as many Mini boards as you like; there is no limit. If you would like to be able to have more than 10 posts on a board, you can: Pay one-off each time by upgrading the board to Premium or Milestone. Premium boards are $5.99 and accept up to 100 board posts.

Is there a character limit on Kudoboard? ›

We are happy to report that it is possible to craft a long board post -- up to 10,000 characters!

How do you make a Kudoboard collage? ›

How do I create an image collage in my post?
  1. While logged in and viewing the board, click + Add to Board.
  2. Click Add Image, and then Upload Image.
  3. Now, select up to 4 images you'd like to upload from your own device as a part of your collage.
  4. Ensure you toggle to Image collage, at the top of the page:
Jan 7, 2021

Is Kudoboard Anonymous? ›

Please note that all gift contributions are anonymous and that all funds collected and displayed are in USD.

Can you download photos from Kudoboard? ›

The file will be in a JPG format, and any videos or GIFs on the board will be shown as a still image. You can request a free digital download at any time, and there are no limitations on the amount of requests. We recommend printing the JPG file of your poster at a local print shop.

Can you print Kudoboards? ›

Yes. It's free to download a high-res image of your board that you can print on your own.

Is there a free Kudoboard? ›

Is There a Free Version of Kudoboard? Yes, Kudoboard has a free option, which is their miniboards, which include up to 10 posts and can be upgraded if needed.

Can you delete a post on Kudoboard? ›

Click the three dots in the bottom left corner of a post. 2. Click Delete. A deleted post will be permanently removed and irretrievable.

Who can edit Kudoboard? ›

The board creator, an admin (on a business/enterprise plan) and any board recipient(s) can edit or delete posts on the board to fix typos, and move content around.

Can you move posts on a Kudoboard? ›

To move a post around the board, click and hold on the crossing arrows in the top right corner of the post. Please note - Posts can only be moved by the board creator or an org admin (on business/enterprise accounts).


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