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    I had a call trying to get me to sign up to a contract for an iPhone 14 for £24pm. The guy sounded Indian and kept asking me if I thought it was a good price. I had a call from a similar number last week and it started with a recording telling me I had to pay backdated tax. It said press 1 to speak to someone, press 2 to pay instantly etc. I pressed 1 to speak to someone as I k ew it was a scam of some sort. An Asian guy asked me what I was told, I said “You tell me, it was you that phoned me” he asked me how much I owed, I said again, “you tell me”. He hung up lol


    This is a 100% scam message that you owe money and amazon

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    Called saying that I had ordered 2 items on Amazon account for large amount of money. Ask me to dial 1 to stop orders. Scam.


    Amazon Prime SCAM


    Automated call saying Amazon payment taken for £300 and card transfer payment taken of £1200, not my usual sites and to press 2 to talk to one of their advisers. Scam and very dangerous.


    claiming to be lloyds bank


    Woman saying £300 for Amazon and £1000 taken from my account. Very untrue, very dodgy.


    Another early morning call. Getting fed up with these bogus calls from these 01924 8320 numbers. They state similar messages every time - this time it was £300 had supposedly been taken by Amazon & £1100 by monetary transfer. 01924 = Wakefield area.

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